Monday, March 1, 2010

The truth about Facebook quizzes

I think Facebook is a great site. It allows me to post stupid iPad parodies on my colleagues walls. It allows me to poke random people just so they feel obliged (out of social networking courtesy) to poke me back. It also allows me to spy on people. I like to visit people's profile and try to judge them before knowing them. It's cool, really. You should try it.

But sometimes, this site does manage to get on my nerves. The thing I hate the most... Applications, mainly quizzes, that post on my wall. "Which celebrity slut are you?", "What kind of penis are you?", "What Smarties color are you?", "What sex position will you never do?", "What fish organ are you?"... Do any of these ring a bell? Not really, right? I knew it! Cause you're my readers, and my readers don't suck at Facebook.

I have a friend that does all kind of crazy quizzes all day. I always tell him to stop, but he never manges to stop for more than one week. And you want to know what he got from these quizzes? "Paris Hilton - You are openly slut", "Flask penis - Narrow top, thick bottom. What the fuck are you gonna do with that?", "Pink - You spread joy buddy.", "All of them - Trust us on that", "You're an anchovies cunt - We prefer not to comment on that.". 

You can clearly see that the quiz results are not on his side. And the worst part now, is that the application has posted the results on all his friends profiles. Now everyone will know he's got a flask penis and he smells like an anchovies cunt. And according to the results, he must be crying on his bed, stuffing his face with pink Smarties.

To get back to the applications, I got the most pathetic post via an application on my wall today. So pathetic in fact, that it made me laugh. Apparently some guy took a quiz on how I was going to die. And this application posted the results on my wall. Just imagine how surprised I was when I read that on my wall. <User Whatever My Name> took the quiz "How you are going to die?"

I mean, come on. How are they expecting me to react? Do they really think people will be like, "WTF? Someone knows how I am going to die. I need to find out more. Apparently everyone using this application knows how I'm going to die too. OMG! I feel so insecure. I know, I'm going to take the test too. I'll check out on everyone's death. Take that fuckers!".

No one's going to react like that. In fact, I deleted that post. I delete all posts made via applications. The ideal solution would be an option to prevent applications from posting on people's wall. I know applications are a big part of the picture and shit, but lately they are just pure spam.

And if you really care, drop by my Facebook page and say a word. Just don't send me smiles or hugs or kisses or dildos (cause I've had that one too) via applications...

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morinn said...

Ah honey! I couldn't help laughing at the anchovies' part! haha! The first and last time I tried those quizzes was for a That 70s show quiz and they gave me Eric. I was pissed and dumped the quiz.

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