Friday, July 17, 2009

Review of camping. Weird I know!

This is a post that I made some years back. It's still to be found on my other blog and I agree that this may be considered a duplicate content by Google. But I'm willing to take the risk.

Okay so here starts the original post:

I think during everyone's life, there comes a moment when their family (ahh crap)/friends (ohh cool) decide to go camping. Yeah I know some people might be saying "Nope not me", but sooner or later it gets to us all.

The One - Definition of Camping

Camping mostly means going away from the civilization. Living under a tent, with minimalist stuff like a petrol lamp, some chicken marinated in whatever there is, a lot a lot of beers, a guitar, kitchen utensils, wood and other stuff. Thinking of it, that's not really minimalist. Anyway, since most people tend to go camping in the woods and end up (according to rumors) devoured by mystic demons, most people ,nowadays, tend to go camping at places where everyone goes. This kind of ruins it, right?

The Two - The Safe Camping Solution

Well the solution is simple. Rent a house someplace "far" from the civilization. Here in Mauritius there is one such place called Flic en Flac. This is kind of a fun village. Flic en Flac has a public beach too. This makes it ideal. Many people rent bungalows there. This exactly what my friends and I do.. Every six months.. Yay.. It kicks ass.. I know.. Yeah.. Okay.. I stop..

The Three - The Coming Out (Convincing Mommy)

Okay this part does not apply anymore. I've grown up since. I went from useless brat to useless brat with a job.

Yeah that's the big part. Convincing your parents to let you go camping is not that easy. At least for the first time. To be honest, it wasn't easy for me too. My mom would never let her son go out at night. My dad was on my side, but convincing mommy isn't that trivial. The key here is patience and proof.

Moms are very intricate creatures. During most of my teenage years, I tried to understand her ways. She had her reasons, they were genuine... Aaaaaaaand right!! That's why I could never persuade her. Because deep down, I knew I could not be trusted on. But then I grew up and I realized that if I proved that I was mature enough, she might let me go out with friends. I had to be very patient with this but in the end it paid off. Before, I wouldn't be allowed to go out at night and now I am allowed to take the car and attend a Metal concert at night. Youhouuu... Love you mom and dad..

So for the first times, its okay if your mum starts stating figures off "The Yearly Road Accident Stats Book". Just be patient. If she thinks you ain't mature enough to be on your own, she's probably right, unless you're a fairytale heroine and your mom isn't your biological one and she hates you. For if she didn't, there wouldn't be this fuckin story... Yeah so I was saying... You heed her advices and if you think you're big enough, then prove it kiddo... And be genuine... It pays off... Always...

The Four - The Camping

So you've made it till here. Good. You're already excited when, on your way, your friends tell you how awesome camping was the last time. Then there is bliss. You step in there for the first time. You take a look around. At this time, you surely look soo ridiculous. You look like Grace from Will and Grace on that episode where they were hunting for apartments. But this happens with everyone. You go check out the place. And you settle your stuff. Great now the fun begins.

For the next days, you will be on your own. Everything there is to do, you shall do. You're probably gonna be drunk for most of the time spent there. But you will use a broom. Or even discover how to use it, as one of my friends. So now you're gonna be cooking your own food. You might think its gonna taste like boiled rats.. But no Sir, unless boiled rats taste good. Camping food is wrongly prepared, badly cooked or straight burnt but hell they taste good. And these days are like one single day of (24 x the no. of camping days) hours. Yeahhh.

So that's it for my review. I got to prepare my bag. See you around. Take care and go camping. Houuuuuuraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!

Note to myself: Call my girlfriend more often when I'm there. :$

Re note to myself: I should definitely call her.


morinn said...

Does your mom know you're going camping this time? Hehe!
Have fun with Rambo and the rest.
Call who? Me? No way! I'm looking forward to having an awesome moment with my TV or blog this weekend or perhaps both! I might bake too. Hehehe! I'll be busy! :u

Not-Jevin said...

I will, I will...

Joyshan said...

Its not that easy! Got to start my mission then "Convincing mommy and daddy" LOL

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