Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Parents, learn from what you teach!

Yes and respect whatever advices you give. I know a lot of parents that would scold their kids for not greeting everyone at a party, while they are in the kitchen baking snacks (for the party). I mean, don't you remember what you said about "setting the example" and shit?

You see, my point is not that you should not scold your children. You should! But if you observe whatever shitty rules you put around the house, this fucking place would be better. Some parents have a rule that their child should not watch crappy TV series (the list is on the refrigerator), yet they watch that crap. And they have fun while doing it. I mean where's the sense in that? If you're watching that crap, your infesting your own mind. Its only a matter of time before your kids get infected and having their own promiscuous life at kindergarten.

Another typical example... Soda. More precisely coke. Everyone loves coke. Some people judge right to restrict the amount of coke their child can have. That makes sense. Yes, but only if you stop buying it. I mean you initiated the kid to coke (that sounds sick) and you have coke all the time in the house. So your basically a sadistic bastard playing with people's emotions. If you did actually had half a brain, you would buy a juicer and feed your child quality stuff.

Now my last point. Parents tell us never to fight, but they always fight with each other. I'm old enough to lead my own life under my own roof, but it still breaks my heart when my parents fight. Okay I'm not used to them fighting. But hey if they were fighting when I was much younger, I would be pretty traumatised. So imagine that little five year old kid, who just went to bed without dessert because he's been pulling his sister's legs, seeing his parents fighting.

Where's a sense in that? Where?


morinn said...

So imagine that little five year old kid I get all "aww" when I picture that.
Seriously, I love this post. It makes sense. Parents should do what they preach.
I'm totally for not watching crappy soaps on TV but you gotta admit that watching reality shows would develop the kid's cynicism and that's important right? Hehe!

Sachin said...

Well, looks like a lot of things that happens in other families happenned in mine. On the "Coke" side of it (joke), there's another thing. Here in France, the 15-25 yr olds don't cook anymore and obesity is gaining ground just because the kids have been fed with fast food all their life and for them its the best food ever.

These youngsters are now becoming parents but as they don't cook, they feed their kids with what they think is great food: fast food... Uroboric forms heh!

Joyshan said...

my mom used to mix hot water with coke so that i don`t get addict. I was the only child who refused to drink it when someone offered :P

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