Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I love her!

Yes I do. I always complain about how my girlfriend is always being a bitch, but I have to admit. I love that damn woman. I see it this way; I am made of metal and she's made of magnet. I can unclip myself and have a stroll... But once she's around, I get drawn back to her.

The thing I absolutely hate is the fact that she knows everything. I mean I can never be right. Bitch always needs to have the last word. It's irritating, but at the same time sexy that a woman can be so right. I really have a hard time when we go on long drives. She keeps on talking when I'm driving. But try as I can, I can never be pissed. She has a way about her. A way that leaves you longing for more of the story after she told you it. I don't know where she learnt that technique. But once I find out, there's going to be someone who's going to be very very sorry.

And more, she always manages to change my mind. Common scenario, we go out on a fine weekend and I say lets go for a burger and call it a day. And we end up in a pizzeria having four cheese pizza. I love pizza but, man, I wanted to have a big greasy make-me-fat burger. Okay I get consolation in a delicious anchois, capres and olives pizza, but that's not enough. She hits me on my ego. And everyone knows I have an ego larger than whatever I can manage.

Ahh all this seems like a finely made up plan. Next time, I'm going to test her. That woman's going to be put to test. I'm going to propose pizza instead of burger. And we'll see how that turns out...


Not-morinn said...

Hahaha! Posting all your plans on your "anonymous" blog - Bad idea.

I've got my eyes and Google reader on you. Don't you ever forget that! LOL

It's sweet every time you give in to my ideas and you can't deny it - I am always right.

Not-Jevin said...

Actually this here is a decoy. I'll be changin my plans to add surprise effect.

morinn said...

A d'autres! Haha!

Yashvin said...

not-yashvin :
lol, the girls are never satisfied!
Suggest pizza and they will look for some pasta!

Ă…nGe|e said...


That sounds so familiar.. Oh wait, I think I hear more or less the same stuff from my bf. Hahaha!

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