Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bloggers meeting. Why should you not miss it?

Because we can do it again! That was the motto for this second bloggers meeting. And what a meeting it was.

Most people tend to think bloggers meeting is geeky stuff, where everyone brings his/her laptop and talks SEO. In fact it's absolutely nothing like this. It's just bloggers meeting to have some fun. We play games, crack jokes, drink coke and eat snacks. To show you just how fun this can be, I'll explain each and every activity we did today.

Pierced bottle game

The goal of the game is to fill a container with sea water fetched in a pierced container. That was actually the first activity we did. I had a blast (and lots of bruises on my feet, thanks to corals) with this one.

It was really engaging because everyone was watching and encouraging (or so I thought).

Flying discs

Okay I just discovered that Frisbee is a registered trademark. :S Yeah so Frisbee is fun. We had two marvellous little kids (the Meetoo's kids) around who seemed stunned by the flying disc (who wouldn't??). We even taught them how to play. I forgot how fast kids learn stuff until they started slaying my sorry self with that damn Frisbee. But hey, I'm proud I taught someone something today.


Yeah we played Uno with Reena and her husband. The last time they played Uno was... on the eve. I think it's safe to say that we took a beating. But it was fun. Reena kept the scores in her diary. The game continues next time. Haha.

Treasure hunt

Now that one I'm very proud of. Because it was Morinn and I who organised it. And mind you, the treasure chest contained a free domain name not a bogus gift. Yeah, because we can! That's our motto and that's how it goes. The winner was Sun and we all agreed that he really deserved it. He worked hard for it.

Here are the different hints:
Hint 1: I sea you, can you see me?
Answer: It was in the sea. Poor Sun got all wet for that one.

Hint 2: Sticks should not stem from the sand, but why do they?
Answer: We had sticks planted upright over the buried hints. Dakshinee found it because she was the only one not to scratch the surface and to actually dig in the sand.

Hint 3: X is prohibition
But if you are in for danger, You might need to find the X
Answer: That one was just a tree marked X. The root of the tree had a cavity which held the hints. Ashesh and Sajid were the one to find it out. Actually they found it out early on in the game, but then mistook it for some junk food waste.

Hint 4: They say you should not look under ladies' skirts.
But in the region marked P, there is a black lady who is safe-keeping what you are looking for.
Answer: The hint was hidden under my car(black) in the parking lot. Everyone rushed to search the car, but only Sun had the courage to crawl under and reach for the hints. Brave kid!

Hint 5: Grass is greener on the other side
But what's greener than grass?
Answer: There was a field on the other side of the road. The field looked greener than the grass on the beach. Reena and her husband were the first to go search there. They searched the wrong part, unfortunately. Sun joined them, and searched the right place and found the right stuff.

Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Above you can see Sun and Yashvin holding the treasure hunt for the traditional Facebook photo.

Congratulations to Sun again!

Handprint banner

Yes because awesome was not awesome enough, so we had to do better. We had brought a piece of white cloth. And we all handprinted on it. The picture below speaks for it.

You see! I can give you a thousand reasons why you should not miss our meetings, but I won't. Because what I told you above is enough. Remember, next time there'll be more games, more drinks, more food and more people. So come have fun with our bringing-you-back-to-childhood games or at least come to laugh at us.

À Bientôt...


Sun said...

That sums it up! :P
@all, Dont miss the next one! :D

morinn said...

Hehe, I will be training myself for the uno revenge with Reena! haha!

Not-Jevin said...

Thanks Sun. Spread the word...

Morinn, yes we should start an intensive Uno training...

Yashvin said...

that was really fun, and I dont think that the next time people will hesitate :P

Ashesh said...

ahh ok, anonymous is not-jevin..I was wondering who would be this guy who came to the meeting...

Anyways, it was a really cool event..Really appreciated the Treasure Hunt. Its another fun when you discover "les indices" with detective skills and your partner identifies it as "rotten dholl puri paper". mega lol

morinn said...

@ Ashesh, LOL! It was awesome when you guys realised that it had been a real clue! Hihi

Not-Jevin said...

Thank you for your comments people.

Ashesh, that was funny. I think next time we should clean the hiding places first. Haha.

Daks said...

haha too good....i was wondering why there were standing sticks der :p

Not-Jevin said...

Haha. Okay everyone. Next time you something peculiar on the beach, please dont tamper it. Haha

Reena DKL said...

Nice post :) Let's hope next time we shall have more people and am sure it will be more fun!

morinn said...

Hehe! I hope more people will show up too!

Not-Jevin said...

I hope too!

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