Monday, June 15, 2009

Why I made this blog?

Big question, simple answer. My girlfriend wanted me to. My girlfriend has such a huge power on me. I don't know how she does it. I always end up doing things she want me to. Its weird I know. I'm the man, I should be in control. But, fuck, is she stubborn.

Okay so this blog is me, here, admitting that I accept defeat. You win. You have maximum control over me. Mind you, this is not a personal blog where I go ranting about my daily life. This is a therapy. Yes. I like that word. It's a therapy, because I work a lot these days and I need to focus on something else.

I wanted to start running. Not your fat, sweaty neighbor style and not dumb Forrest Gump style. But in a cooler way. With a cap, black shorts and a beach as background. I even bought the cap. I just need to find time now, but my girlfriend always tricks me into bringing her on a date. I mean a date is cool, but running is healthy. Plus on a regular date, I eat a big ass burger and I lick the ketchup all over the plate. Yeah I'm a pig at times.

You might be wondering what's up with that running obsession? I love running. It frees the mind. It helps you focus on... Well nothing at all. Ain't that what we are all after? To feel apart from the world, for one split second...

Come to think about it, that's why I love that woman. I love her because she has a will. And she can change my mind when I'm being super dumb.


not-morinn said...

I think we should really do it. The running thingy. This Sunday? :P Or do we have other plans? Hehe!

Loona said...

i love that woman too and i have known her for longer too!!c pa seulement mon ame soeur,c ma soeur tout court!!

to ena ene sens de l'humour tordant!!g apris un nouveau truc sur toi bof!!

Loona said...

can i become a follower?

Not-Jevin said...

Finally I get to impose my decisions. This Sunday, we hit the roads in Puma shoes.

Yes you can be my follower Loona. Thank you for your support.

not-morinn said...

Can't I wear another shoes? I got a pair of white sneaker from my dad this year. Haven't used it even once.

Not-Jevin said...

Okay you can. White shoes are 80's sexy, so it rolls.

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