Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why don't I apply the brakes

Lately, life is going fast. I have very little time for myself during weekdays cause I work a lot. Just to clear doubts I'm not an idiot who cannot code, I'm an idiot who loves coding. It makes a massive difference.

So it goes like this. I love my job and I'm leaving the office at 7 - 8 p.m everyday. You don't say, during weekdays time is precious! And I don't complain never. Actually, I find this fun. You see I'm still very young, I have my own car and a job that I love. Life has never been cooler. I love having something to do. I hate it when I have nothing to do. Weird, I know.

I used to be kind of a mess when it comes to discipline and stuff, but now I wake up and get to the office on time every freaking day. I could never plan anything before, but now hell I can. I can plan all the CSS shit I got to do on my (small-time) blog or on my girlfriend's (big-time) blog.

Oh shit, now I don't know what I was talking about. My girlfriend is being a bitch about a social networking site that sucks balls, licking them all over and then putting some caramel on them and sucking back again. Some people are so obsessed with social networking. I have not been on Facebook for weeks. I hate you social networking bastards.


morinn said...

Damn! I hate those social networking stuff too! All those tags and stuff, they suck and they are so awful! :S

Damn! I need my big bunch of css soon!

I know you love your job and I find this amazing. Sometimes I even feel that you ain't giving me enough time. But who am I to complain! lol!

Yashvin said...

Nice bio. In fact, I am a bit like you, except for the social networking thing koz it helps me to get a lot of traffic. You won't deny, traffic is really important... isn't it Morinn? :P

As for the mauritian facebook, I will keep my comments for myself or perhaps on the latest blog article which appeared a few mins ago.

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