Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is she mad or something??

Day 3,536. Today my girlfriend and I went to... Okay awful bad start. Cut, start over aaaaaand GO:
That freakin' woman is NUTS!!!
Why oh why you ask? Yeah so the story goes like this. Some days back, my girlfriend walks on to me and goes like.
G: "You know what I like? Long drives..."
I: "Yeah baby. It's bitchin' when we rollin'"
G: "You know why?"
I: "Prob'ly 'cause I'm bad ass driver."
G: "Yeah. But more because I can talk a lot and you always listen."
I: "Uhhhh..."
What a bitch! She's been using me all this time. She knows how I concentrate on the road when I drive. So she takes advantage of the lesser me. How convenient... Of course, I cannot tell her to shut up every five minutes. My mind is elsewhere.
You see, I love driving and I always have to make the maximum out of my trips. I cannot resist a deserted roundabout. I have to absolutely, lovingly, beautifully screech my back tires. Mind you though, I'm no public enemy. I'm very careful when there's a lot of traffic. Hell, I've got to be the only fool to actually use his signals when overtaking bikes.
But hey, I've got to hit that woman back. So the next time, I'll be hitting the roads with massive arms of destruction.
I'll be bringing... Wait for it... A little more... Her favorite CD.
Haha! Take that now, evil woman. I'll see you talking over your favorite music. Hahaha. I feel like the Doom guy after killing those stupid gay Imps. Haha.
P.S. I just hope she does not start singing the next time. That would be totally unexpected and I wouldn't have any backup plan for that...


not-morinn said...

I'll sure as hell be singing the next time! Hahaha! Just wait for it. I always have the upper-hand on you anyway. :P
It's so damn nice when we're driving each and every days of the weekend and I'm talking talking talking... :u

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for letting me know of your plans. Now I have all the time and freedom to prepare my backup plan. Haha. Take that!!


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